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HMR®: The Weight and Health Management Leader

HMR (Health Management Resources®) is a privately owned national healthcare company specializing in weight loss and weight management. Our programs offer lifestyle education, personalized attention, nutritious, low-calorie foods, structured diets, and an emphasis on long-term weight and health management.

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The Leading Weight Management Program
Available Nationwide

Founded in 1983 by Lawrence T.P. Stifler, Ph.D., HMR is the leading provider of medically based weight management programs in clinics, hospitals, and major medical centers throughout the country. Recently, the company introduced HMR at Home®, a do-it-yourself program that enables individuals nationwide to benefit from HMR. To date, more than one million people—and thousands of corporate employees—have participated in HMR’s scientifically-based programs.

Weight Loss with Greater Health Benefits

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, HMR has trained thousands of healthcare professionals and provides programs and support services to hundreds of medically based obesity treatment centers across the country. In addition, HMR at Home programs make our proven products and methods available to virtually anyone wanting to lose weight and improve their health.

When HMR began over 30 years ago, our goal was to offer dieters a sensible, healthy way to lose weight without gimmicks or fads. Today, our commitment continues through an even greater range of programs that enable fast, maximum weight loss with greater health benefits.

HMR Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence in Weight Loss (1983 - 2008)

This summer, HMR employees from across the country gathered in Boston, Massachusetts to join HMR founder and president Lawrence T.P. Stifler, Ph.D. (seated 4th row, 7th from the left) to celebrate 25 years of helping more than a million dieters lose weight and get healthier. The three-day gathering included staff from HMR’s corporate headquarters in Boston, HMR’s national account management team, and employees from the three HMR Patient Care Centers of Excellence located in Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Texas. (The Centers of Excellence are wholly owned and operated by HMR.)

 “Many of our employees have been with us for 10, 15, 20 years or more,” notes Dr. Stifler. “This speaks to the job satisfaction we get knowing that we can help transform the quality of people’s health and their lives.” He adds that, “It’s through this extremely high level of care we bring to every dieter that has made us the leader in the weight management field.”   

Photo: Before attending a Red Sox game, HMR staff from across the country gathered in Boston, MA (the location of HMR’s corporate headquarters) to celebrate HMR’s 25th anniversary.    

As part of HMR’s national 25th anniversary celebration, employees from HMR’s New York-based shipping, distribution, and product management center were also recognized for their outstanding commitment to patient care. Since 1983, the New York staff has successfully distributed all of HMR’s weight-loss products and program materials to hundreds of HMR Programs nationwide, as well as directly to consumers.

Photo: Staff from HMR’s New York-based shipping and distribution center gathered to celebrate HMR’s 25th anniversary.


Lawrence Stifler, Ph.D.
Founder and President of HMR

Dr. Stifler is a pioneer in the weight-loss field, with more than 30 years of experience as a behavioral psychologist specializing in researching and developing weight-management programs.

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