Be healthy. Stay healthy.

Tools to help you navigate a healthy lifestyle long term.

We’ve compiled our best resources all in one place, so you can download everything you want before our website and app are permanently shut down. We expect that to happen mid- to late-December, so to be on the safe side, be sure to download everything you want by December 15, 2022.
Phase 1 Support Guide

Everything you need to know about the HMR diet structure and how to reach your weight-loss goals.

Phase 2 Support Guide

The complete HMR roadmap to practicing a healthy lifestyle and managing your weight long-term.

Recipe Book

Delicious HMR recipes, plus recommendations for condiments and flavorings for endless inspiration.

Healthy Eating Support

Tools that will empower you to make choices that support a healthy diet and serve your long-term goals.

Healthy Lifestyle Hacks

Tips for staying on track when life throws you curveballs, plus how to set yourself up for success.

Record-Keeping Tools

Use our simple record-keeping forms to track your progress, or explore alternative tracking apps.

Holidays and Social Events

Our best strategies to stay on track with your health and weight during the holidays and social gatherings.

Phase 2 Transition Plan

Guidelines and tips for transitioning from the weight-loss phase to long-term weight management.

Physical Activity Support

Pro tips for starting an exercise routine, keeping it going, and making it a priority - no matter what.