HMR BeneFit® Bars

Dieters can rely on just HMR Shakes and Entrees, but sometimes a sweet crunchy treat is just the pick-me-up you need to get through the day. If you are trying to maintain a weight loss, BeneFit Bars are a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while fighting off temptation to reach for higher-calorie snacks. BeneFit bars come in four delicious flavors you can include in your next order.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavored Crunch

Who knew this delicious combo could help you lose weight? Made with real peanuts and peanut butter, this satisfying BeneFit Bar is finished off with a creamy milk chocolate coating.

Double Chocolate Chip

If you love chocolate, you are in luck. Each Double Chocolate Chip BeneFit bar is packed with real chocolate chips and a decadent dark chocolate drizzle. This craving killer is a great way to add some variety to your diet.

Iced Oatmeal Flavored Crunch

Our take on the classic oatmeal raisin cookie. It’s a filling snack bar made with real raisins and covered with a yogurt icing drizzle. It’s great as a post-workout snack.

Lemon Flavored Crisp

A perfect balance of tart lemon and sweet icing makes this BeneFit Bar great for anyone who loves citrusy desserts. This sweet treat is awesome in the morning or as a snack for your drive home.

Snack Smarter

Nobody said eating healthier couldn’t taste delicious. You can find HMR BeneFit Bars at most in-person HMR program locations, or just call us up and ask to have a few bars or a whole box of 24 added to your next order.

Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or physical activity program.

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