HMR Weight-Loss Diet Shakes

Weight-loss shakes are one of the primary reasons HMR programs are so effective. Easy to prepare and low in calories, HMR Shakes can also be an excellent tool for anyone looking to replace a high-calorie meal or snack with a healthier option. Even with a dietary restriction, you are likely to find an HMR shake that you can look forward to drinking day after day.

HMR 120 Shakes

This is HMR’s most popular shake mix and is used primarily with the Healthy Solutions® plan. Each serving has 120 calories and can be even more filling and nutritious with added fruit.

HMR 70 Plus Shakes

As HMR’s lactose-free shake, 70 Plus works with all HMR weight-loss plans. This mix is ideal for anyone with a lactose intolerance. The 70 Plus mix is also the only HMR Shake that can be made into a pudding, mousse, or shake with only 110 calories per serving.

HMR 500 Shakes

This is the shake that started it all. HMR 500 is the original shake that is still used in the Decision-Free® plan. At only 100 calories per serving, this weight-loss shake is intended for those with the most weight to lose, preferably under medical supervision.

HMR 800 Shakes

This shake mix has the highest calorie count in the lineup with 160 calories (chocolate) and 170 calories (vanilla) per serving. It also has more protein, which makes it perfect for people with big appetites looking for weight loss. HMR 800 is almost always used in HMR’s Decision-Free® plan.

Delicious filling versatile

All HMR diet shakes are available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. For best results, prepare your shakes in a blender with ice cubes. The result is a thick, filling, and frosty treat that feels more like a dessert than something that will help you lose weight. The best part is that anyone following an HMR weight-loss plan can have as many of these shakes as they would like everyday thanks to our unique More is Better™ mentality.

Still not sure which HMR Shake is right for you? Please give us a call and our friendly customer service team will answer any questions you may have.

Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or physical activity program.

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