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What makes us different?
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Watch this 1-minute video featuring Dr. Fran Broyles, Clinical Lead on the Healthy Weight Initiative for Providence St. Joseph Health to learn about what the HMR Program can offer you. We’re so glad you’re here!

You may be wondering…

How is HMR different from other diet plans?

Since we specialize in lifestyle change, HMR is much more than just a diet. Using clinically proven behavior change techniques, we can help you lose a lot of weight while learning the lifestyle skills that matter most for keeping it off. Compare HMR to other popular programs here.

How long is the diet program?

To start, we recommend committing to the diet for 8 weeks, but it really depends on your goal. The more weeks you stick to the plan, the more weight you can lose. Then, when you are ready, you can move into the healthy lifestyle, “maintenance” phase.

Will I gain weight when I stop eating the food?

While HMR meal replacements help you reach your goal faster, they’re just a part of the overall program, designed to help you build a healthier lifestyle. As you lose the weight, you’ll learn the skills to make better food choices, beyond HMR foods, so you can keep the weight off long term.

How much does the HMR program cost?

The standard kit, with auto-delivery, includes two weeks of food for less than $3 per meal - just add fruits and vegetables. You don’t need to buy any additional food. Plus, you get the added benefits of fast weight loss, a money-back guarantee, and coaching - included at no extra charge.

U.S. News & World Report:
#1 Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss 6 years in a row!

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We’ve helped over half a million people with their weight and health goals.
Members share why it worked for them.

Your HMR at-home membership includes:

2-week starter kit

24 servings HMR Shakes
28 assorted HMR Entrees
18 servings HMR Multigrain Hot Cereal
Weight-loss Support Guide
HMR Recipe Book

Optional coaching

Don’t go it alone! Join one of our weekly phone coaching groups, with a dedicated HMR Health Coach and peer group to help you stay motivated and on track. It’s included at no extra charge.

special price

Retail Value: $208.35 25% off
Plus get free shipping and 5% off 2-week reorders with auto-delivery. Cancel anytime.

HMR is a subsidiary of Providence St Joseph Health and a preferred provider of healthy weight management with a focus on lifestyle change.


Program members share how the HMR diet is different…

“It’s a lifestyle change”

It’s not just a diet or a weight-loss program. It’s not something you start and then stop. I knew I needed a lifestyle change in order to be successful. And that’s what this program is.

Emily N. lost 105 lbs1

Emily lost 111 lbs. on the HMR diet and was able to avoid bariatric surgery.
Jennifer lost 60 lbs. on the HMR diet and finished her first 5k – realizing a long-time dream.

“The coaching sessions”

They were the best part of my week! They kept me accountable and interested, and I got to hear from others in different phases of their weight loss and the strategies they use to be successful.

Jennifer J. lost 60 lbs3

“It’s so simple to follow”

The thought of changing old habits is daunting when you need to lose a lot of weight. But the program makes it easier by focusing on the small list of things that will help me be successful.

Kim K. lost 50 lbs1

Kim lost 50 lbs. on the HMR diet, reduced her stress, and gained her confidence back.