Eating Well

Guidelines for Alternative Meal Replacements

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HMR Team
November 10, 2022

Our entire HMR team is beyond sad to be closing. However, our main goal now is to provide you with resources, guidance, and tools to help you stay on track and continue working towards your weight and health goals. 

We are working hard to find a way to make HMR products available to you long-term, so please stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, we’ve worked with our Product and Nutrition team to put together this guide to help you choose comparable alternatives. And remember, the cornerstone of a healthy diet is lots of produce, so be sure to round out your meals with lots of fruits and vegetables for a balanced and filling diet. 

Please note: Since we cannot fully examine all meal replacements on the market, we ask that you use this as a guide, and be sure to review all nutrition information and ingredients on products that you choose to use. Also, ​be sure to check in with your Health Care Provider as you continue to lose weight, as your health status and medication needs could be affected by fluctuations in your weight or changes in your diet and physical activity.

Shake Mix Suggestions:

Look for powdered protein shake mixes or pre-made shakes (whey or plant-based protein) that fall within the guidelines below, per serving

  • Under 200 calories
  • At least 10-25g of protein 
  • Less than 5g of added sugar 

Hot Cereal Suggestions:

Look for single-serve hot cereal products using the following guidelines below, per serving

  • 250 calories or less
  • About 10g of protein
  • Less than 10g of added sugar.  

Entree Suggestions:

Look for meals that fall within the guidelines below, per serving

  • 350 calories or less
  • At least 10g of protein
  • Less than 650mg of sodium

Snack Bar Suggestions:

Look for protein/snack bars using the guidelines below.

  • 200 calories or less
  • At least 10g of protein
  • Less than 10g of added sugar 

Although our traditional program is ending, it is our sincere hope that you continue your healthy lifestyle practice. From everyone in our HMR family… it’s been a privilege to have been part of your health journey—we will miss you!