Being More Active

Does anyone know how to count resistance training? Thank you
by Sheronda R. on 4-10-2019

Getting all my PA calories in ...300 is my minimum
by Sheronda R. on 3-21-2019

Fitness Tracker
by Guineal R. on 2-27-2018

10,000 steps
by Kerry S. on 2-09-2018

Reasons for PA
by HMR Team .. on 1-02-2018

Favorite PA
by HMR Team .. on 1-02-2018

Advice for starting physical activity?
by HMR Team .. on 11-29-2017

Rucking .... level of activity for estimating calories
by Jim M. on 10-14-2017

Activity trackers
by HMR Team .. on 8-28-2017