Technical Support

desktop entry
by Scott Y. on 6-25-2019

soup on app tracker
by Scott Y. on 6-24-2019

Entered wrong starting weight
by Adele S. on 4-20-2019

My phone HMR App tracker for April 4, 2019 shows I have 3 days in the box; but, my dashboard on the site doesn't show me in the box.
by Sheronda R. on 4-06-2019

New HMR app hangs after running in background, Error - "Your program has not started yet"
by Daniel T. on 9-12-2018

My personal info
by Amelia W. on 9-06-2018

Attention HMR App Users... Update to the New, Improved Version!
by HMR Team .. on 8-22-2018

The New App is Coming! How to Keep Records with No Interruptions...
by HMR Team .. on 8-09-2018

Forgot user name or password
by HMR Team .. on 8-28-2017

App tech support
by HMR Team .. on 8-28-2017

Using my information?
by HMR Team .. on 8-28-2017