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Do I Need a Weight Loss Coach?

HMR Team
September 11, 2018
Imagine having a team of people who are as dedicated to your weight loss success as you are. With HMR, you’ll discover the difference it makes to always have a coach in your corner.

Our group coaching, either in person or by phone, allows you to meet others who can relate to your struggles and will be there with you to meet them head on. You’ll learn how to get the results you’re looking for with a coach and a team who are willing to push you outside of your comfort zone to do something different this time.

So, what’s a health coach exactly? Way more than you probably think! An advocate, a trainer, a teacher – someone who challenges you, helps find creative solutions for everyday sticky situations, and guides you toward success. This is how one HMR coach explained the process:  

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  • We ask questions. We want to get to know you and understand your specific challenges. By gathering lots of data and hearing about your week, we can create strategies that’ll work best for you.

  • We’ll teach you how to think differently. Losing weight is about changing your patterns, and that includes changing old ways of thinking that get in the way of success. Being able to change habits you’ve had your whole life isn’t easy, but we’ll show you how. 

  • We help you plan, plan, plan. It’s the most critical part of losing weight. Sneakers? Already packed for the gym. Healthy snacks? Ready for the workday. This week’s calendar? Scheduled, so you don’t miss a workout. 

  • We keep you accountable. If you tell us you’re going to try out a new spin class, the next time we talk, we’ll be asking how that went. Plus, we’ll give you custom challenges each week that’ll stretch your goals even further.

  • We focus on the successes. Losing weight and keeping it off means making lifestyle change. And we’ll make sure you’re staying on track in altering your behaviors – like getting in all your fruits and veggies and physical activity – no matter what the scale says each week.

It can be an emotional journey, which is why we show up ready to do the hard work with you. Being open to coaching may feel uncomfortable, but sometimes part of getting serious is allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It’ll be worth it.

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