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Virtual Group Coaching: What to Expect When You Join

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HMR Team
June 26, 2023
Wondering what HMR coaching is actually like? Here is everything you need to know!

Your weekly meetings
Every meeting is different, but here are some things to expect each week…

  • HMR group coaching sessions take place on Zoom and are 60 minutes long each week. Groups have between 10-20 people in them. You’ll have the same coach and be with the same group of people each week. Having your camera on is preferred, but if you prefer using audio only, that’s ok too.
  • HMR groups have rolling enrollment, so you’ll be able to listen to others who have been in the group for a while, as you get comfortable with how the group works and how the coach works with the group as a whole, and with people individually.
  • Each week, your coach will introduce a new topic or theme. You’ll discuss ideas and strategies for dealing with challenges like keeping your home and other environments supportive, increasing exercise, recipes and prep tips, and staying on the diet during tough times. If you’re struggling with something, you can discuss it here.
  • You’ll receive a personalized goal or focus area for the week. Your coach will help you find ways that work for you to work on skills like planning ahead, prepping your food, and finding ways to fit in exercise.
  • You’ll attend the same group each week, which helps to develop consistency and camaraderie with your coach and fellow group members. However, if your schedule changes or you’d like to join a different meeting, you can always change your group to one that works for you. 

In terms of participation in the coaching sessions themselves - you can participate as much, or as little as you like. Some weeks you may want to just listen in for new ideas. Other times, you can lean on the group to help you come up with solutions to whatever challenge you may be facing. It’s a very supportive environment – no judgments, ever. Everyone is here for each other and truly care about one another's success.


What members say about coaching
Real members share how group coaching helped them reach their goals…

"The accountability I get from coaching makes a big difference. My coach always makes sure I have a specific, attainable goal each week." - Alicia, lost 55 lbs. 

"The thing about HMR that is different from other programs is the support. Having a coach and team following your progress helps you want to stay on track." - Susan, lost 80 lbs. 

"Accountability, encouragement, wisdom,'s an opportunity to check in with my squad! No one supports me like my coach and class-mates!" - Karen, lost 33 lbs. 

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    To hear more from our coaches and members about the HMR group coaching experience, watch this short video.

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    We want you to feel prepared and supported as you’re getting started, so if you have any questions at all about coaching, please reach out to us by phone 800-418-1367, M-F 10am-4pm ET, or Contact Us anytime.