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HMR and Profile Plan have come together to provide you with a simple, effective, and sustainable program for weight loss and lasting lifestyle change.

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Celebrating 40 years

About HMR

HMR (Health Management Resources) was founded in 1983 by a passionate group of clinicians, behavioral psychologists, and researchers who wanted to make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives. Since the beginning, our gold standard weight-loss and lifestyle change program has provided a simple, effective path to improving health through weight loss. We’re honored to have helped more than half a million people with their weight and health goals. We’d love to help you reach yours.

The Program

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to lose weight and keep it off. Using nutritionally-complete meals and snacks that are calorie and portion-controlled (not to mention filling and delicious!), you can experience fast, decision-free weight loss in Phase 1. Or, you can use HMR foods to conveniently replace some of your higher-calorie meals for a more balanced diet overall, like we do in Phase 2. Personalized support and coaching (group and 1-on-1 options) is built into the program to help you stay on track with your weight-loss goals and develop healthier lifestyle habits—to ensure your success long term.

No matter what your goals may be, we can help you get there, starting with either Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the program.
Lose weight on your own or in a coaching group

Phase 1

Fast and focused weight loss

Follow our structured diet of HMR foods along with unlimited fruits and vegetables. This approach reduces decisions and keeps calories low to help you lose weight quickly and consistently, without a lot of stressful food choices.

The Plan: Eat 3 HMR Shakes + 2 HMR Entrees + 5 Fruits and Vegetables every day. This high structure with few decisions produces fast, healthy weight loss.

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Phase 2

Build your sustainable healthy lifestyle

Use some HMR foods along with other healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, grains, and healthy fats. This approach provides some structure to lose or manage your weight as you build a healthier lifestyle that works for you.

The Plan: Use 14 HMR foods per week—around 2 per day. These calorie-saving “easy wins” help you stay on track with a healthier lifestyle long-term.

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1-on-1 Coaching is Available!

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What Our Members are Saying

I don’t have to starve myself.

If I’m hungry, I can eat more, which is better than starving and giving up!

Kelly lost 57 lbs2
The weekly coaching sessions make a big difference.

There is something about knowing that a coach and a team are following your progress that helps you want to stay on track.

Susan lost 80 lbs1
HMR takes the thought process out of losing weight.

The meals come prepared and you have a clear plan of what you should be eating — you’re never hungry!

David lost 100 lbs1
HMR is simple.

I didn’t have to count calories, carbs, or “points” – I just stuck to the daily plan, which is so much easier!

Kim lost 50 lbs1
The cost of the program was worth every penny.

We actually saved money compared to what we were spending eating out before joining.

Alicia lost 55 lbs1


How do I make the food?

HMR Shakes can be whipped up in a blender with just ice and water, and HMR Entrees (pre-cooked, sealed fresh, and shelf stable) can be heated in a microwave—both in just a minute. Just add fruits and vegetables to round out your meal plan. There’s also hundreds of simple recipes so you never have to be bored or hungry.

Is coaching required?

No. However, people lose almost twice as much weight in our coaching groups, vs. on their own*, which is why we include it for free. If coaching isn’t for you, we’ll still support you with tips and tracking in the free HMR app, online resources, and our private Facebook group with thousands of members and coaches.

How long is Phase 1?

It really depends on your goal and your momentum. To start, we recommend committing to at least 4 weeks of the structured diet (that means just HMR foods plus fruits and vegetables). Whenever you need more flexibility, you can move to Phase 2 where you’ll use some HMR foods along with other food of your choosing.

What if I don’t like the food?

We stand behind our food and program and are proud of our high customer satisfaction rating. But, if you’re not completely satisfied with HMR, we will gladly offer you a full refund (shipping costs are nonrefundable). And our auto-delivery program has no cancellation fees, so you can stop your orders at any time.

Still have questions? We’re here to help!

Give us a call at (800) 418-1367 Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm ET, or send us a message.

1Average weight loss for the HMR at-home plan with group coaching is 23 lbs at 12 weeks, vs 13 lbs at 12 weeks for the HMR at Home plan, self-directed.

*For Phase 1 membership, enjoy the special price of $153 (retail value $253) for your first 2-week order and then $203 for your next 2-week order of HMR foods, plus free shipping, when joining the at-home plan with auto delivery before 11:59 PM ET 1/31/2024. With auto delivery, we'll automatically bill you for, and send you, a 2-week supply of HMR foods every 14 days for $240.36, until you cancel. Any applicable sales tax will be added. (Standard discount on the at-home plan with auto delivery is 5% off list price for first order, and 5% off reorders, plus free shipping.) For Phase 2 membership, enjoy $50 off your first two monthly orders, plus free shipping, when joining before 11:59 PM ET 12/31/2023. With Phase 2 auto delivery, we’ll automatically charge and ship you a standing order, ($100 minimum) on the same day every month, until you cancel. Any applicable sales tax will be added. Reorder prices do not include the price of extra products you may choose to add. You are free to cancel at any time, for any reason. Offer only available on Free shipping applies to orders shipped via regular UPS Ground in the contiguous U.S. Limit one discount per household. Not to be applied to a previous order or combined with any other promotion or discount. Void if reproduced, altered, expired, taxed, prohibited, or restricted by law. You must be 18 or older to purchase. You must pay any sales tax. Offer does not apply to those currently enrolled in Phase 1 or Phase 2 Auto Delivery, or to those currently enrolled in an HMR Program. If you're not happy with anything you purchased from this site, we will gladly offer you a refund. Simply send back what you don't like within 30 days. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. Click here for return details.