H M R was ranked #1 in Best Fast Weight Loss Diets by U.S. News and World Report in 2021.
Ranked #1 for Fast Weight Loss

Get more with the HMR diet

More than just a diet, the HMR Program helps you lose a lot of weight while making simple lifestyle changes. Soon enough, healthier habits will just be part of who you are.
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A trusted program that can help you reach your goals

For over 35 years, HMR has helped more than half a million people with their weight and health goals, first in medical settings and then at home. The HMR Program is designed to be simple and practical, so you have everything you need to stay on track.

H M R fast results
A fast weight-loss diet

The HMR diet is a nutritionally complete plan using ready-to-eat meals and shakes plus unlimited fruits and vegetables.

H M R keep it off
Never go hungry

HMR’s More is BetterTM approach allows you to eat as many of the foods on the plan as you need to stay full and on track.

H M R never go hungry
A plan for lasting change

Learn simple and sustainable healthier lifestyle skills to maintain your weight loss, long after the diet is over.

How does the HMR diet differ from other diets?

Since we specialize in lifestyle change, HMR is much more than just a diet. Using clinically proven behavior change techniques, we can help you lose a lot of weight while learning the lifestyle skills that matter most for keeping it off. Compare HMR to other popular weight-loss plans.

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How much weight can I expect to lose with HMR?

Average weight loss depends on the HMR diet plan and the level of support you choose, ranging from 13—38 lbs. in 12 weeks1,2,3,4. The program is designed to help our members lose a lot of weight (even 100 lbs. or more) in a fast, healthy and sustainable way. Whatever your goal, we can help you reach it!

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Will I gain weight when I stop eating HMR food?

You can’t diet forever, and we don’t want you to! While HMR foods help you reach your goal faster, they’re just a part of the overall program, designed to help you build a healthier lifestyle. As you lose weight, you’ll learn new skills to make better food choices beyond HMR foods, so you can keep the weight off.

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We'll help you focus on the things that matter most!

Calorie- and portion-controlled HMR weight-loss shakes and entrees help you reach your goal faster. And as you lose the weight, you’ll also learn how to make better food choices so you can keep the weight off when the diet is over.

One of the best things about this diet is that you will never go hungry. We encourage you to eat as many of the foods on the diet as you need to stay full and satisfied.
Daily exercise reinforces a healthy lifestyle mindset, so we’ll help you build up to doing some physical activity every day.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to be active - in fact, walking is the #1 exercise of our program members.
The free HMR app provides simple tracking tools, daily coaching tips, helpful reminders, and weekly summaries.

It’s a companion to all HMR plans to support you with your personal weight and health management goals.
Expert coaching (in person and by phone), and our private Facebook group, offer support, motivation and inspiration.

When you’re making lifestyle changes, having a like-minded support network can make all the difference.

Choose the HMR Plan that Fits Your Weight-Loss Goal

Most convenient

Lose weight at home

Fast weight loss delivered right to your door. You choose your HMR foods and the amount of support that is right for you, and we’ll help you get to your goal.

Most weight loss

Lose weight in person

Join the HMR Program at one of our local weight-loss clinics. You’ll get the highest level of support, the most weight loss, and a team dedicated to your success.

Wondering what a day on the HMR diet would be like?

You may be surprised by how much food you get to eat! Check out a sample day to see how this is a weight-loss plan you can live with.

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H M R Blood Orange weight loss shake with granola.
1Average results for the in-clinic Decision-Free® plan is 38 lbs. at 12 weeks.
2Average results for the in-clinic Healthy Solutions® plan is 28 lbs. at 12 weeks.
3Average weight loss for the at-home Healthy Solutions plan with phone coaching is 23 lbs. at 12 weeks.
4Average weight loss for the at-home Healthy Solutions self-directed plan is 13 lbs. at 12 weeks.