Being More Active

How to Estimate the Calories you Burn

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HMR Team
September 25, 2020
Walking is the #1 exercise

Most HMR members burn their weekly calories by walking. It can be the perfect exercise. Whether you take several short walks every day, or a few long ones every week, it’s amazing how fast the calories can add up. Make the commitment to walk every day for the first week. You might be surprised how quickly it can become a habit. Don’t forget: all physical activity is great, but the best exercise is the kind you enjoy the most, because that’s what will keep you doing it.

All HMR weight-loss plans challenge you to burn at least 2,000 calories each week in physical activity (PA). The simple act of tracking, or recording the calories you burn throughout the day will help you to do more than you might otherwise. Tracking provides immediate reinforcement and it’s encouraging to see those numbers add up.

The easiest way to track your progress is to use the HMR App. It includes a calorie calculator that can quickly estimate how many calories you burned doing any type of physical activity. If you prefer the good ‘ol paper and pencil method of tracking your food and exercise, then you can rely on this chart to estimate how hard you are working and how many calories you are burning. Find your weight range in the left column first, then find the activity that is most similar to what you're doing.

Estimate how many calories you will burn based on weight and activity intensity with this downloadable chart
Walking every day is can be the  perfect exercise to burn calories


A 225 lb. woman starts the day by walking 10 minutes out, and 10 minutes back, at an average walking pace. Later in the day she takes another walk – 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back.

Using the chart you’ll see she burns 8 calories per minute for walking.
8 calories x 40 minutes = 320 calories

This amount of walking done every day (assuming no changes) adds up to almost 2,240 calories of physical activity over the course of the week, which translates to approximately a 30 lb. weight loss over the course of a year.