About HMR


"I started HMR because so many people were struggling with their weight and health, and our society wasn’t doing anything to help.  I wanted to change that. In all the years I’ve done this work, the greatest reward for me is seeing the look on someone’s face when they’ve transformed their life.”

Dr. Lawrence Stifler, Ph.D., founder of HMR


Health Management Resources (HMR) was founded by a passionate group of psychologists, researchers, and clinicians who wanted to trade academia for the chance to make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives. Since the beginning, we’ve been serious about improving health through weight loss and it shows in everything we do:

  • People First – Every decision we make, every change we consider, everything we ask people to do on the program is based on one guiding principle: the best possible results for each and every person who joins.
  • Real Dedication – It is our mission to help people make real changes so they can live healthier lives in our out-of-control food culture. We do this by expecting real commitment, sharing real how-tos, and offering real support to help get real results.
  • Strong Community – Every one of us – program members and HMR staff alike – draw on and share authentic experiences, struggles, and solutions that serve as a constant source of insights, inspiration, and encouragement. We’re all in this together!

We’re told our program can be intense. And we’re okay with that because we know that’s what it takes to make a lasting change. We’ll push you to stretch outside your comfort zone and challenge you to make some serious changes to your lifestyle…to change your thinking…to change your habits...and ultimately, to change your life.