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A Breakdown of Costs for the HMR at Home Program

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HMR Team
December 4, 2020

When it comes to managing your weight to improve your health and quality of life, investing in a weight-loss service can give you the diet structure and support you need to achieve your goals.

But when it comes down to costs, it may feel hard to justify the expense of a program like HMR’s Healthy Solutions at-home plan—one that includes food and support, when you see other weight-loss programs advertised for much less. But here’s the thing—if you are paying $20 a month for a weight-loss program, but still have to shop for all of your food, and plan, prep, cook, and portion it out, you will end up spending a lot more. And you may struggle with doing all of that on your own, which can jeopardize your long-term success.

The HMR diet is a complete weight management and lifestyle-change program that provides almost all of your food (you just add fruits and vegetables) so you can diet without decisions.

“HMR provides more than food. It’s a system, support, ideas, information, inspiration, and accountability.”

Tom lost 100 lbs.*
*Average results for the in-clinic Decision-Free® plan is 38 lbs. at 12 weeks

The program also includes lots of different built-in support, including group phone coaching with an HMR Health Coach, a private Facebook support group moderated by our coaching team, daily coaching tips in the HMR app, plus hundreds of additional resources on our website, like helpful articles and simple recipes. As a full-service program, it’s our goal to take away as many barriers to your success as we can!

Since HMR foods replace what you’re currently eating, you won’t need to buy a lot of other groceries (just fruits and vegetables) while you’re on the diet. The cost works out to less than $3 per meal. And the best part… everything else is included in that price!


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Included at No Extra Charge

In addition to all of your meals and snacks,* here’s what else is included with your HMR membership at no extra charge...

  • Coaching Groups and Online Support
    Stay accountable, motivated, and inspired
  • Diet Support Guide and Recipe Book
    All of the “how-to’s” you need to be successful
  • Mobile App
    Track progress and get daily coaching tips
  • Free Shipping and Extra Savings
    Free shipping and 10% off every auto-delivery order

*excluding fruits and vegetables

“HMR meals are extremely convenient, plus we saved a lot of money because we used to eat out or have food delivered several days a week.”

Jennifer lost 60 lbs.*
*Average results for the in-clinic Decision-Free® plan is 38 lbs. at 12 weeks


We’ve done a side-by-side cost comparison of common foods in the average American diet and your meals on the HMR Program, to illustrate how you can lose weight and feel full without breaking the bank.

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Article Image

Average cost of the plan for 8 weeks is about $13.20 a day (for initial 2-week Starter Kit with auto delivery and ongoing 2-week reorders).* Price includes all of your HMR meals and snacks – just add fruits and vegetables. Plus, get all of the support and resources you need to begin losing weight right away. For HMR’s lactose-free plan, avg. daily cost increases to about $15.95 a day for your Starter Kit and ongoing reorders.

“HMR provides many resources and people (including your coach) who will support you every step of the way!”

Kim K. lost 50 lbs.**
**Average results for the Healthy Solutions® at home plan with phone coaching is 23 lbs. at 12 weeks.


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Your HMR at-home membership includes…

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*Enjoy the special price of $177 (retail value $208.35) for your first 2 weeks of HMR foods ($220.25 for lactose-free kit) and free shipping when joining the at-home plan with auto delivery. With auto delivery, we'll automatically bill you for, and send you, a 2-week supply of HMR foods every 14 days for $187.52 ($226.44 for lactose free), until you cancel. Reorder prices do not include the price of extra products you may choose to add. You are free to cancel at any time, for any reason. Auto-delivery details click here. Standard discount on the at-home plan with auto delivery is 10% off list price plus free shipping.) Offer only available on Free shipping applies to orders shipped via regular UPS Ground in the contiguous U.S. Limit one discount per household. Not to be applied to a previous order or combined with any other promotion or discount. Void if reproduced, altered, expired, taxed, prohibited, or restricted by law. You must be 19 or older to redeem. You must pay any sales tax. Offer does not apply to those in Phase 1 or Phase 2 Auto Delivery, or to those currently enrolled in an HMR Program. If you're not happy with anything you purchased from this site, we will gladly offer you a refund. Simply send back what you don't like within 60 days. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. Click here for return details.


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