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You may be wondering...

Do I have to cook on this plan?

Not unless you want to! HMR Shakes can be whipped up in a blender with just ice and water, and HMR Entrees can be heated in a microwave—both in just a minute! But you can also explore an endless variety of delicious and simple recipes—online or in our recipe book. We do recommend adding fruits and vegetables to your HMR Shakes and Entrees to help meet your daily diet plan minimums (3 Shakes + 2 Entrees + 5 fruits/vegetables) while boosting your nutrition and making your meals even more filling.

Do I have to do coaching?

You don’t have to! We want you to be the most successful, so we recommend coaching—people who do coaching lose twice as much weight3 (that’s why it’s included with all of our plans), but we understand that it’s not for everyone. We will continue to support you every step of the way through the free HMR App, email and website resources, active social community, Facebook Live events, and our new coach-moderated private Facebook group—open to all HMR members!

How long is the diet? And then what?

It really depends on your goal. The more weeks you’re on the diet, the more weight you’ll lose. To start, we recommend you commit to the diet for 8 weeks. You can then decide whether you want to continue in the diet phase of the program, or transition to the healthy lifestyle, “maintenance” phase. There, you’ll reduce your use of HMR foods while you work on building healthier lifestyle habits including lean proteins, whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, and being more physically active.

What if I don’t like the foods?

We stand behind all of our foods. But, if you’re not completely satisfied, we will gladly offer you a full refund for qualified returns of your purchases (shipping costs are nonrefundable). And our auto-delivery program has no cancellation fees, so you can stop your orders at any time.

Get Started on Your Weight-Loss Goal and Save!

Your HMR at-home membership includes:

2-week starter kit

24 servings HMR Shakes
28 assorted HMR Entrees
18 servings HMR Multigrain Hot Cereal
Weight-loss Support Guide
HMR Recipe Book

Optional coaching

Don’t go it alone! Join one of our weekly phone coaching groups, with a dedicated HMR Health Coach and peer group to help you stay motivated and on track. It’s included at no extra charge.

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