Meet Amy Jo

How this mother of four wants to be “seen” after losing 104 lbs*

Success Story Photo of Amy Jo
“I have more confidence and my self-esteem has improved. When someone tells me I look good, I actually believe them, because I feel good.”
For this 50-year-old working mother of four, the wakeup call came from her family doctor. “I knew I had to do something because my blood sugar numbers were creeping up and my doctor used the words ‘overweight and obese.’ He recommended I try the HMR Program.”  

More than Just a ‘Diet’The most important thing that everyone should know, is that it’s not a ‘diet’. It’s a lifestyle change and education program. The biggest thing for me is you don’t see this program on TV commercials with a celebrity promoting it. The Program’s success is because of the amazing staff, and because it works.  

The First Surprise: How Easy It WasI was sure I would last maybe a month in the Program. The program includes weekly classes led by HMR health coaches. I figured I would just show up each week, go through the motions, lose a pound or two, admit defeat, and just stay heavy. But honestly, it was easy. The food is amazing. Alison, my health coach and John, the program nurse are my guardian angels and two of my biggest cheerleaders. All of the fabulous people in my Monday class have become my family. We support each other, laugh, cry, share ideas and recipes. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. I don’t feel like I have been deprived throughout the 6 months. I eat more than I used to, which initially was hard for me to wrap my head around. But then the pounds started dropping and I realized that cooking differently with tools I learned through the weekly classes, —cutting out pasta and bread (not all carbs), and paying attention to the entire label when shopping was going to be the key to my success.  

The Second Surprise: In the Dressing RoomWhen shorts season came around, I pulled out last year’s shorts. At the time, I had only lost about 45 or so pounds. I didn’t think it would be that big of a difference, until I put them on and they dropped right off. I went to a local store to look for a few new pairs, and as always, went to the Plus size section. I tried on the smallest Plus size pair and they also fell off. The staff said I should consider trying on a Misses size, and I just laughed. She brought me a waist size 32 and again, I laughed. I still saw myself as Plus size. I tried them on, knowing I wasn’t going to be able to button them and surprise — they fit. I did a happy dance and mental cartwheels. I am now in a 30 waist shorts/jeans. 

More Active than Ever, Feeling Better than EverI’m a whole new person. I Zumba 3 days a week and walk 3-5 miles 7 days a week. I sleep better and my gut health is so much better. I work at a school and I love running and playing with the kids at recess. Walking up 20 steps 10 or more times a day is no longer a struggle. I find that my joints are not sore anymore. Plus, I have more confidence and my self-esteem has improved. When someone tells me I look good, I actually believe them, because I feel good. 

Impact on the FamilyMy husband has been my anchor. He and I cook and prep together. Now, our kids are eating healthier, and as a family, I think we are better because of the change I’ve gone through. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me find a better ME!!

Amy Jo participated at the Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington, IL.

*Average results for the in-clinic Decision-Free® plan is 38 lbs. at 12 weeks.

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