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They were experiencing health issues due to their weight. Since joining HMR, they've lost a combined 280 lbs. and feel energized and excited.

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“I feel energized and excited, happy and hopeful! Willing and ready for new opportunities, and also thrilled with being able to buy some fun, new clothes that I could never have pulled off before." - Angie
We knew we needed to make a change…In 2019, James and I were both experiencing increasing health issues; I had reoccurring bouts of cellulitis, and James was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. We ended up both being admitted to the hospital within 1 month of one another; it was extremely traumatic for both of us, and ultimately pushed us to examine our health on a deeper level. Our weight was getting to a point where it was creating more and more issues, and we knew we needed to make a change right away. We decided to join the Healthy Solutions plan at the HMR Program at Sharp Rees-Stealy Clinic in San Diego in the summer of 2019. Since joining HMR, I’ve lost 160 lbs. and James has lost 120 lbs.1

We lost weight, while saving money…Before we joined the program, I calculated our budget and was thrilled to realize that we would be able to either save money or break even! We immediately decided that we had to just do it – there were literally no road blocks, nothing holding us back!

Being a part of the HMR Program gave us a sense of community and support, which has been so wonderfully effective and so different than doing a diet on our own. To be supported by qualified coaches and dietitians, and having a sense of accountability to our group created a structure that allowed us to succeed. All we had to do was follow this easy and convenient diet plan, there was no need to calculate or make decisions, just do!

Our life has changed for the better…We now both engage in regular physical activity, which was not really happening with any regularity prior to starting this program. We love taking long walks together, and I also really enjoy doing a variety of workouts (mostly off of YouTube) like strength training, cardio, barre, and yoga. I’m always looking for a new workout to try out, but yoga has become a mainstay in my exercise routine as a stress-relieving way to end my day.

Our eating habits have totally shifted and we’ve maintained a very healthy diet now that we’re in Phase 2 (maintenance). When we started Phase 2, we incorporated foods VERY SLOWLY… We didn’t want to open the flood gates and risk weight gain. In fact, there are still foods that we have yet to incorporate because we know they might be triggers for us. Our current diet has a large emphasis on fruits and veggies, lean meats, whole grains… the usual good stuff! And very rarely, we allow ourselves a “little treat” or an even more random “splurge meal.” And when this happens, we try to compensate for it by either doing more exercise, focusing on lower calorie foods on the surrounding days, or both.

Our biggest successes…My biggest non-scale victory is my shift in outlook. I feel more hopeful, like the world and all its possibilities have opened up for me. And I’ve been able to heal things that I didn’t even know were broken. “My world got bigger, as I got smaller.” And James has now been able to stop taking his diabetes and blood pressure medications.2

I feel more like myself again (and maybe an even better version of myself!) - The dark veil has been lifted, and the world and all its possibilities have opened up! I feel energized and excited, happy and hopeful! Willing and ready for new opportunities, and also thrilled with being able to buy some fun, new clothes that I could never have pulled off before (hello, leggings!!!)!

For James, the ease of just daily movement has changed dramatically for him. Since he’s in construction, all he does is MOVE all day. And being overweight made that hard; his hips, knees, feet, and back were always in pain, and getting into tight spaces was a struggle. Now after losing weight, all of this has improved drastically2!

If you’re thinking about joining, just DO it. Don’t overthink. That’s when fear and indecision come together and keep you “stuck.” Just take a baby step and sign up for an orientation, and then take another baby step and sign up for the program. JUST DO, don’t think, DO. Baby step by baby step, you will find your momentum and your success!

Angie and James participated in the Healthy Solutions® Program at Sharp Rees-Stealy Clinic.

1Average weight loss for the in-clinic Healthy Solutions® plan is 28-37.5 lbs. based on research studies conducted in people who completed between 12-26 weeks.
2These testimonials are not intended as statements that the HMR Program prevents, treats, or cures any disease or similar condition. People who lose weight may see improvements in health risk factors such as blood pressure, glucose, and/or cholesterol, although everyone may not have the same medical results as James. Each person's medical situation is unique and changes in medication should be made only in consultation with your doctor. HMR offers programs with and without medical supervision.


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