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60 lbs lighter, this cancer survivor is now able to cross things off her bucket list — like her dream to run a 5K.

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“ Every other diet I tried was just that — a diet, a restriction. A battle of willpower and saying ‘no.’ HMR is so vastly different. It was simple. Eat and say ‘yes’ to as much of the foods on the plan as I wanted.”
My husband and I own and co-own three businesses, including a Martial Arts & Fitness facility. After a long day of teaching classes, paperwork, cleaning, and dealing with clients, I just didn’t have the desire, energy, or willpower to eat healthy or to cook. I was easily 75 pounds overweight, and I just could not “out work” my bad eating habits no matter how hard I tried.

A Turning Point I was told I needed a partial knee replacement, and that I would never be able to run again. I went into a mental funk, and handled it by eating my stress away. I was working hard at trying to rehab my knee, but I was eating such crap that I just kept gaining weight.

A Family Affair At about the same time, my daughter, Destiny, left her job as a personal trainer, which she loved, to go work for HMR. I tried to talk her out of it but her only explanation was that she really believed in this program and she really wanted to be a part of it. She kept saying we should check it out and I was like, ‘Yeah, Yeah… I’ll let you work there for a while and see if you still think it’s great.’ A few months later, my other daughter, Jasy, (who was on a very strict budget because she had just started her career) began the at-home version of HMR. I didn’t understand how she could afford it until I saw how much money she saved by not eating out. To top it off, my husband had a black belt reunion coming up, and he had less than six months to prepare for a test to get his 3rd degree black belt. He PANICKED because he was over 40 pounds overweight. He joined HMR immediately. That was it! Everyone was doing it, and I was not to be left behind.

The Power of YES  Every other diet I tried was just that — a diet, a restriction. A battle of willpower and saying ‘no.’ HMR is so vastly different. It was SIMPLE. Eat and say ‘yes.’ I could eat as much of the foods on the plan as I wanted. It’s so refreshing to be on a diet and not be overwhelmed with constantly having to tell myself ‘No, I can’t have that’ or ‘No, I can’t have any more for the day’ even though I was still hungry, but to actually be able to say ‘YES!’ and STILL lose weight. HMR’s More is Better is a very hard concept to understand at first, but it has been an important key to my success after 20 years of diet failures. While I’m still an emotional eater, I’ve developed the healthier habit of saying ‘yes’ to eating as many veggies, fruits, and/or HMR foods as I want during stressful times. That’s a game changer for me because I’m able to destress without having to deal with the aftermath of guilt on top of the stress I used to feel after eating crappy food and gaining weight!

Classes: The Best Part of the Week The class, yes, the class that I didn’t think I had time for, became the best part of my week. I made time for it no matter what. It kept me accountable and interested and I got to hear from people who were in different phases of their weight loss, the strategies they used to be successful, and the things they did when they failed.
Avoiding the Shame Spiral My Health Educator didn’t let me off the hook. She offered solutions not judgements. I learned how to handle family members and friends and social gatherings and holidays weeks before they came up, so I had a game plan ready to go! My Health Educator was great at not letting us get complacent or bored. She helped us with very specific steps to strategize and get back on track when we failed, instead of going into a shame spiral. 

Healthier Eating for the Long Term I hated vegetables before HMR. Now, I’m eating three to five servings of veggies a day and LOVING it!! HMR meals are extremely convenient for me, and I genuinely liked the taste of some of the meals so I continue to eat them to this day. Plus it saved us a lot of money because we used to eat out or have food delivered several days a week.

My Biggest Non-Scale Victory A few months after starting HMR, I signed up for the DC Wonder Woman 5K run, my first 5K, AFTER I was told I’d never be able to run again! At this point, I had lost about 25-30 pounds. And I had a goal… I didn’t want to just “finish” it, I wanted to run the three miles in under 30 minutes. This goal scared me so much that I didn’t tell anyone about it except my daughter, Jasy, who was helping me run. I did everything I could to prepare for the race, including losing a total of over 65 pounds with HMR. After I finished the race, Jasy told me my time, and I cried, right then and there on the concrete. I DID 3 MILES IN UNDER 30 MINUTES. The dream that I thought was too big to dream had become a reality. Thank you HMR!”

Jennifer participated at the Northwestern Medicine Weight Management Clinic in Huntley, IL.

*Average results for the in-clinic Decision-Free® plan is 38 lbs. at 12 weeks

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