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Rapid Weight Loss: Is it Healthy?

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HMR Team
February 21, 2023

When you lose weight faster, you get to your goal more quickly. But many people shy away from the idea of fast weight loss because it is often linked to gimmicks, crash diets, and unsustainable plans. However, there’s a big difference between a drastic approach that is unsustainable and possibly unhealthy, and a structured approach that produces fast, healthy weight loss. 

We believe weight loss shouldn’t compromise your health; it should improve it! This is where the nutritional profile of your diet plan matters. The goal is to find the sweet spot: a highly nutritious plan that also limits your calorie intake significantly.

Fast, Healthy Weight Loss

HMR diet plans support fast, healthy weight loss because fast matters when it comes to reaching your weight-loss goal and healthy matters for making sustainable lifestyle change.

  • Using meal replacements, along with a focus on fruits and vegetables offers balanced, complete nutrition to give your body the energy it needs to be active and the fuel you need to feel good.

  • Highly structured diet plans simplify things and help you limit your food decisions. Too many food decisions can lead to decision anxiety – should I or shouldn’t I? – and decision anxiety is exhausting.

  • A no-deprivation approach, like the approach used in all of HMR's plans, means eating as much as you need to stay on the plan. Being able to eat enough to avoid hunger further simplifies your weight loss by helping you avoid those difficult internal conversations about breaking the diet when you’re feeling tempted.

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But Doesn’t Fast Weight Loss Lead to Even Faster Regain?

When people lose weight in a fast and healthy way, they end up losing more weight overall and keeping off more weight long term. This is the consensus agreement of several different reviews of published research1,2 in the weight loss field: greater initial weight loss increases total weight loss and improves long-term maintenance3.

But Doesn’t Fast Weight Loss Lead to Even Faster Regain?

The bottom line is that fast weight loss is motivating. And when you’re motivated, your commitment to stick to the diet is strengthened. This heightened commitment, in turn, supports more weight loss which is, again, very motivating. This leads to an even stronger commitment to your weight loss. And so on. This positive cycle builds on itself and leads you closer and closer to your goal weight. 


But if you take the fast weight loss out of the equation, the whole thing falls apart eventually. Slow weight loss weakens your commitment over time and can stall and eventually stop further weight loss. 


So, you have a weight loss goal. Your best chance to reach it is to get there faster with a diet that is simple to follow and sets you up for long term success.






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