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HMR's Clinic Program: An Investment in Your Health

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HMR Team
August 28, 2023

What is weight loss success worth to you? If you’re like many HMR members, you’ve probably already spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on other diets, trying to find a plan that works. 

This time, it can be different. More than “just a diet,” HMR’s in-person program—also known as our clinic program—offers the best average weight loss, the highest level of support, and medical supervision, available at many locations. The in-person program is offered at select hospitals, medical facilities, fitness centers, and universities and specializes in helping those with a lot of weight to lose.

Here’s what’s included:

  • HMR weight-loss foods are a key contributor to fast weight loss

  • Lifestyle classes help you learn new skills and make plans for meaningful change

  • Expert health coaching provides accountability to help you stay on track

  • Multi-disciplinary team offers guidance and support at every step

  • Maintenance phase solidifies your new lifestyle skills to help keep your weight off

  • Medical supervision is available, as needed, at most locations

*Prices are approximate. Your local HMR Program’s pricing structure may differ.

Initial Medical Screening
Starts at $65

A weight issue is a health issue. An initial screening with our medical staff will help determine if you have any underlying health issues that may require medical supervision. 

HMR Weight- Loss Foods
An average of around $17/day (about $120/week)

The cost of HMR Shakes and Entrees replace what you’re currently spending on food — not an additional expense. Many people tell us they actually break even, or save money on the plan, because they’re not spending on other foods including snacks, restaurant meals, take out, or fast food.

Note: If you choose the Healthy Solutions®diet, you will need to purchase fruits and vegetables separately as part of your plan.

Lifestyle Classes

More than a lecture, this is your time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. With a focus on “assignment-based skill development,” you not only learn the “what’s” of weight management, but the “how’s” that can work with your lifestyle.

Medical Supervision

Since we specialize in helping people who have a lot of weight to lose, many of our program members have health issues that require medical monitoring. HMR’s former Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Carol Addy explains what medical supervision entails in the HMR Program, and how you can determine it’s appropriate for you.


Dr. Carol Addy discusses medically supervised weight loss at HMR weight loss clinics

Hear from Dr. Carol Addy, former Chief Medical Officer at HMR

Watch, 3 min

Learn more about HMR’s in-person weight-loss program and see if there’s a clinic near you.