Fast Weight Loss: Small Changes for Big Results

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HMR Team
December 15, 2023


Are you ready to start getting healthy and lose weight? Do you want to jumpstart your weight-loss journey?

We applaud you for wanting to do so because getting started is the hardest part!

Achieving a healthy weight helps prevent a host of conditions including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even some cancers. It also helps control cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

To help you get started, we’re sharing some habits and tips you can use and adapt to accelerate your weight-loss progress. We encourage you to take it day by day until these healthy habits become like second nature. And remember, if one day doesn’t go as planned, there is always tomorrow!

So, here are our healthy tips to accelerate your weight-loss journey:

Questions to Ask Yourself to Kickstart Weight Loss

Are you drinking enough water?

Staying hydrated is important!

No matter how diligent you are with your diet and workouts, it’s hard to reach your weight loss goals if you aren't hydrated enough!

Aim to drink 64 ounces or more of water every day. Here are some tips to help you get your H20 in:

  • Always have water on hand. Get a nice water bottle and carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Not a fan of water? Add some flavoring to it. Try adding mint, cucumbers, berries, lemons, or limes.


Are you eating a good breakfast?

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a good reason. It replenishes essential nutrients and your glucose supply to boost your energy level and alertness throughout the day.

Choosing a high-protein breakfast meal plan can help to boost metabolism for weight loss.

It’s important enough not to skip. Multiple researchers have found that skipping breakfast increases the risk of health issues. These include obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases.

Some people skip breakfast because they find it time-consuming to prepare, and they thought it would ruin their diet. If your mornings are busy, plan and prepare your breakfast meals in advance so you won’t have to risk skipping them. Make sure to have a healthy breakfast meal plan to work off of.

Are you staying away from unhealthy trigger foods?

Open your refrigerator, cabinets, and even drawers. Inspect all the food and ask yourself these questions: Are these foods healthy for me? How will I feel after I eat these foods? Will I lose control if I eat this food? Will I crave eating this over and over again?

If you answer yes to any of those questions but still have a goal weight to achieve, you can donate or give those tempting foods away. These trigger foods can cause overeating, weight-loss plateau, unhealthy eating habits, and eventually breakage of your weight loss efforts.

Are you eating enough veggies?

We encourage you to eat 5+ cups of veggies and/or fruit daily. Eating a variety of vegetables every day will ensure you get all of the health benefits they have to offer. Here are some ways to prep and spice up veggies in your diet:

  • Try grilling them. This method locks in flavor and caramelized veggies to give them a crispy sweetness. Drizzle them with olive oil and dash on your favorite seasoning. Place directly in a grilling basket or wrap in tinfoil to lock in heat.
  • Looking for convenience? Keep steam-in bag vegetables from the grocery store’s frozen food section on hand. Steamed veggies are full of minerals and vitamins.

Are you focusing on portion control?

While it’s significant to fuel your body with the right foods, it is also crucial to eat the right amounts. How many servings are in the portion you chose to eat?

When you know the size of a serving and understand how many servings you should eat, you can choose healthy portions. You’ll also avoid including unnecessary food in your grocery list.

Are you eating healthy snacks?

If you get hungry in the middle of the day, you can include some healthy and low-calorie snacks. Fruits, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and carrots are all great options for your meal plan. Avoid foods like cookies or chips.

Are you exercising regularly?

If you’re a workout newbie, we encourage you to build small amounts of activity into your day-to-day routine to jumpstart weight loss. Some great low to moderate-impact activities you can try include walking, biking, yoga, swimming, hiking, and weight training.

Another way to add activity into your life is to spend 10 minutes getting your heart rate up multiple times throughout the day. Get creative! Try:

  • A quick walk around the yard
  • Do some squats as dinner cooks
  • A family dance party in the living room

Are you eating because you're hungry or something else?

Navigating between hunger and eating food in response to your emotions can be challenging. As you work toward your health goals, it’s important to learn how to distinguish between emotional cues and real hunger cues.

When you think about the feelings that lead you to eat, are there other activities you can do instead? Here is one example:

Bored or lonely? Instead of reaching for your favorite food, give a family member a call or friend. We call this the alternative approach.

Are you eating out more than eating at home?

Eating homemade meals instead of eating out increases your chances of achieving positive results with your weight loss plan. You can easily control your meal portions and your intake of sugar, fat, sodium, and calories.

If you’re working in an office, prepare your meal in advance at home so you can bring it to work.

You can take these steps to better plan and prepare your healthy meals at home:

  • Identify potential challenges. Take a look at your calendar, look at the week ahead, and identify what meals will be the hardest to get in.
  • Find healthy recipes you’ll love to eat for the week ahead. Take your pick from our favorite recipes on our website!
  • Create a shopping list to know what exactly you’ll buy when you visit the grocery store to help avoid the temptation of buying unnecessary food.
  • Portion out your meals by storing them into individual containers. Doing so prevents you from binge eating and makes it convenient for you to grab food on the go. 

Do you involve your friends and family on your weight-loss journey?

Isn’t having a loved one encouraging you along the way to your weight loss goals more motivating? Remember to share your journey with the people in your life who will be supportive.

Some friends may unintentionally sabotage your weight-loss efforts, which may cause you to have an unhealthy relationship with food. It’s best to share your goals and progress with friends and family who care about you.

Have you considered meal replacements?

When you’re on a diet, there are some days when you just want a simple, uncomplicated meal without overthinking the nutritional content. 


This is when a meal replacement such as an HMR Shake, an HMR Entree, or an HMR Bar can come in handy. It's easy and already contains a good amount of nutrients without requiring any preparation time. Meal replacements provide the foundation for HMR plans, and can be used more or less frequently during the week, depending on your weight-loss goal.

Have you invested in new workout clothes?

Workout OOTDs (outfit of the day) are a thing nowadays. There’s nothing more motivating than looking good and feeling comfortable while working out. You can use new workout clothes to reward yourself as your body reaps the benefits of your healthy lifestyle.

Are you prioritizing sleep?

Ample sleep isn’t only good for your skincare. It can also help in your weight-loss journey!

A study presented at the American Heart Association shows that sleep and weight gain are linked together. Women who slept only for 4 hours consume 329 additional calories the next day than they did after they slept 9 hours. Men, on the other hand, ate 263 calories more.

People who sleep less tend to crave more food the next day. So, if you’re on a diet to lose weight, be generous in your sleeping hours!

Are you using the stairs whenever possible?

If you’re in an office or living in a residential building, you can opt to take the stairs instead of riding an elevator. Climbing the stairs for at least two to three minutes per day can burn enough calories to offset the average American's annual weight gain of one to two pounds a year.

Climbing 20-34 floors of stairs per week or 3-5 floors daily can reduce your chances of stroke by 29%.

Are you using a fitness tracker?

Using a fitness tracker is another great way to jumpstart weight loss. It helps you to be more in control of your health. It provides you with necessary data related to your eating, sleep, and workout habits.

Aside from the number of steps you’re taking daily, a fitness tracker also monitors the following:

  • Amount of calories you’re burning
  • Hours of sleep you’re getting
  • Resting heart rate
  • Eating habits related to your weight loss

Are you limiting your coffee intake?

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you don’t need to worry about giving it up on the HMR plan. You just need to change how you prepare it to prevent consuming an excessive amount of calories from your favorite beverage.

You can switch out richer creams and milk for unsweetened or low-fat milk and sugar-free sweeteners, or you can try using a dash of cinnamon powder for extra flavor in your regular cup of coffee. You can also add one of HMR's delicious protein shake powders as an alternative to creamer.

Do you belong to a weight-loss coaching group?

Weight management can be quite challenging for people who lack a sufficient support network. Putting yourself under too much pressure and doing DIY weight loss activities won’t do you any good, especially when you feel alone in your efforts. 

Instead, seek help from a support group, dietitian, or health coach as soon as possible. They can help you find what works best for you to achieve your weight loss goal. You can also rely on them whenever you’re struggling or falling back into your old unhealthy habits.

Jumpstart your weight loss today!

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